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The Softer Side of Winter

Currently Coveting Style Inspiration for Cozy Winter Vibes
Goldfine winter2017 lrp 4

Lighten the heaviness of Winter with Soft shades of white and pale pink.  Layer on the bracelets, add a collar to a chunky sweater and a touch of sparkle to your ears.  Most importantly, stay COZY! 

Feature Credits

Model: Cecely Spohn

Photography: Laura Rae

Hair + Makeup: Joy Schmitz

Jewelry: Bond Girl Bracelet * Jane Bracelet *  Vintage Rose Signature Bracelet *  Gwen Earrings * Veronica Sleeves * Bullet Pearl Earrings

Model: Hanna Voxland

Photographer: Josiah Davie

Jewelry: Gwen Earrings * Betty Collar * Veronica Sleeves

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