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11 04 19

Feature in Ready & Roam

Travel Guide 8 Days in Italy: A European Vacation guide including hidden secrets of where to stay, what to eat, what to bring and where to shop
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Ready & Roam gathers a collection of experiences from like-minded travelers to provide you with thoughtful recommendations and inspiration for your next adventure.  Curated by Katie Lang and Regina Folken who have connected with travelers well-versed in certain areas to share advice on a simple format for free. Their initiative is to collect and curate travel experiences that encourage people to GO, whether that’s to an unfamiliar city or halfway around the world.  Read more about their story here!

8 Days in Italy

A recent blog post titled 8 Days in Italy features a conversation with filmmaker and passionate storyteller Maribeth Romslo who recaps her incredible Italian adventure that she and her dear friend, illustrator, and designer Kimberly Senn took their families on last Spring. 


The Q & A on Ready & Roam covers all the important travel guide questions such as: What cities to travel to? Where to Stay? What is the best time of year to travel to Italy? How to get around?  What to do!  Where to eat!  What to eat!  What NOT to miss out on!  And most importantly, what to pack!  

"Always pack jewelry that looks great with everything, day or night. Kim and I both have several pieces from Goldfine, a local MN designer that we love."

“We ate gelato every day. Sometimes twice a day. If there’s a line out the door that’s a pretty good indicator it’s going to be delicious.”

“In Prato, we found a darling shop called Kokoro, with handmade dresses in lovely patterns and fabrics. I got a red pleated skirt that gets so many compliments. It’s always fun to say, ‘I got it from a little shop in Rome!’”

“We felt like were in a Fellini film, floating in the hot springs surrounded by old Italians in bathing caps at sunset.”

“I also found great leather goods in Florence. Shhh, don’t tell Erik, I came home with three new purses!”

Read more about the Romslos and Senns travel to the ancient city of Rome, the countryside of Tuscany, and more at Ready & Roam


Photos by Maribeth Romslo & Kim Senn

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