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  • 171003 e sgb 0193
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  • 171003 e sgb 0193
  • 171003 e sgb 0256

Veronica Sleeves in Blacke

Set of Two Sleeves
Whimsy, Elegant, Avant Garde

Fantasme Collection

Transform a basic outfit into a fashion statement by adding a pair of the Veronica Sleeves.

Pairing Suggestions:

-Compliment a simple slim-fit sweater

-Compliment an oversized sweater and pair with a mini skirt to dress up the entire look

-Pair with a little black dress

-Accessorize a boho look

-Slip under the cuff of a longsleeved shirt to add a little "extra" style

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mint alabaster
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Swarovski crystal embellishments, hand-stitched onto English cotton bobbinet.

Elastic wristband. Approximately 6" stretchable wrist size. Available in Black, White or Ivory